"Louis Vuitton" tile

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Information and inspiration

Multi-colour small patterned cement mosaic tile.
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60 black, 71 ocher, 34 red brown, 52 grey, 01 white
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1-2 weeks
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20 x 20 x 1,8 cm
VIA Zementmosaikplatten im Restaurant in Hamburg
Noble small-scale pattern, is quite suitable for entrance areas, restaurants and stores, but also looks good in small bathrooms.
The cement tile in the colour combination of grey, ocher and reddish brown on a black background always reminds us here at VIA of Louis Vuitton and so internally it is also called the "Louis Vuitton tile".
The classic meander border, which is also called the "Versace border" at VIA, is also in keeping with this.
Colour is a great complement to this pattern, such as here the coloured entrance door or with the VIA chalk paint in the shade Basalt, N° 605.

VIA Zementmosaikplatten im Restaurant in Hamburg
This pattern is also a good combination with wooden floors. In the Berlin Canteen Deluxe, the plain tile is laid in black on the outside, N° 60.
The black pigments in combination with the marble powder and the white cement result in a colour tone that has a tinge of grey-brown, antracite, so it is not a hard cold black.
VIA ZEmentfliesen in schmalem Flur
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