"Louis Vuitton" tile
N° 11860

"Louis Vuitton" tile

N° 11860


Content: 0.4 m² (€107.10* / 1 m²)
Package includes 10 Tiles
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Information and inspiration

Multi-colour small patterned cement mosaic tile.
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60 black, 71 ocher, 34 red brown, 52 grey, 01 white
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Please note:
There is an inner corner
20 x 20 x 1,8 cm
Colour is a great complement to this pattern, such as here the coloured entrance door or with the VIA chalk paint in the shade Basalt, N° 605.

This pattern is also a good combination with wooden floors. In the Berlin Canteen Deluxe, the plain tile is laid in black on the outside, N° 60.
The black pigments in combination with the marble powder and the white cement result in a colour tone that has a tinge of grey-brown, antracite, so it is not a hard cold black.