Wall tiles by VIA


Wall tiles by VIA

Historical patterns for wall designs

Unlimited creativity

Our cement mosaic tiles are also a wall-tinted view of history, without ever appearing old-fashioned. The timeless patterns and structures set an accent, giving each room a unique charm. From our extensive assortment of handmade tiles, endless variations and unique compilations result, which turn creative ideas into personal masterpieces. The VIA cement mosaic tiles decorate kitchens, bathrooms, hallways and almost all rooms in the desired style.

Wall tiles in the bathroom

Of course, our cement tiles can also be laid as wall tiles in the bathroom. Proper care and impregnation provided, a long term impact is insured. Whether relaxing, cool and nordic, playful, rustic or modern, discreet or dominant. Numerous possibilities for wall design give every bathroom the desired appearance.

If you would like to install our cement slabs in wet areas such as showers and bathtubs, please have a look at our information page: Cement tiles in wet areas

Wall tiles in the kitchen

Wall tiles are a common part of many kitchens in the world. In addition to the practical properties, historic cement tiles also have exceptional optics and a unique feel. And the special charm is not just in private kitchens. Restaurants, bars and cafes create a welcoming, special atmosphere where you can enjoy yourself.

Let yourself be inspired by the many different patterns, our cement mosaic tiles, terrazzo, four and hexagonal tiles in our picture gallery. In our shop you can see many more patterns and styles.