Retro tiles

Retro tiles from VIA

Retro- and Vintage-Trends

Everyday life today is characterized by fast pace. Globalization, Internet and technology, digitalization, trends come and go in moments that are felt.

At this speed there is a need for deceleration and tranquillity, for analogue and past things. For a few years now, retro and vintage trends have been giving way to this longing. Old styles are taken up again and developed further. Often these are products whose fascination is created by a historical background and which additionally convince with current functionality and practicability.


The difference between retro and vintage

The term "retro" is derived from the Latin word retro (backwards). The retro style tries to escape the fast changing zeitgeist and to hold on to the proven. A product in retro style picks up on old styles and is newly produced.
A vintage product, on the other hand, is not re-manufactured. Vintage is the old product itself. VIA tiles can therefore be described as retro tiles.


VIA retro tiles

VIA retro tiles were created out of a fascination for the traditional. We see the retro tiles as a heritage of the classic cement mosaic tiles. VIA tiles transfer patterns and designs into modernity and fulfil the desire for the original. What keeps us grounded and on the ground.

VIA retro tiles are made with natural materials and handcrafted techniques that were already used for the production of cement mosaic tiles at that time. Each "retro tile" is unique and enriches furnishings with the unique retro charm.


Cement mosaic tiles then and now

For a long time, cement tiles were an integral part of countless interiors. Colourful and unobtrusive patterns have been inspiring for many decades and can still be found in many different designs today. Barcelona, Paris, Berlin, Vienna, in many a city there are beautiful old mosaic tiles to discover. Whether in house entrances, churches or bathrooms, whether floor tiles or wall tiles.

VIA retro tiles revive this unique atmosphere. Modern furnishings with a wide variety of patterns are given a very individual touch. In our large selection of retro tiles you will find cement tiles and terrazzo tiles for floor and wall design, pavement tiles for outdoor areas, paints, varnishes and much more.