Terrazzo slabs

Terrazzo slabs - from the church to the kitchen

Terrazzo slabs

Terrazzo used to be part of sacred art - the effect of churches on the soul would be unthinkable without these artistic floors. As a cast floor covering, terrazzo has been in use since ancient times and decorates both the palaces in Venice and the stations of the wilhelminian period. This flooring technology was introduced into Central Europe via church construction and offers stylish, imaginative and individual possibilities for interior design with terrazzo slabs today. VIA offers patterns based on historical models from churches and well-known buildings and individual creations. The VIA terrazzo slabs are traditionally made of coloured cement and coloured admixtures without plastics. The raw material is pressed and is given the typical surface look that makes terrazzo slabs so unique by subsequent sanding.


Terrazzo slabs - real classics for individual living

Classic and modern: Terrazzo floors have been rediscovered for upscale living and decorate the living area as well as the kitchen and bathroom. Terrazzo slabs are load-bearing, durable and have no harmful vapours. Many historic buildings have terrazzo floors in a remarkably good condition. The historical colours are noble and easy to combine; therefore VIA offers terrazzo slabs in the classic colours, white, red, grey and black in the 20 x 20 cm format. The 120 grain size of the slabs allows for slight unevenness, typical feature of terrazzo products with a surface according to R9 classification. The absence of small grains on the edges of the slabs results in minimal stone chippings or uneven edges, which are intentional. 


Terrazzo slabs - a durable piece of nature

Long enjoyment of terrazzo slabs: VIA Terrazzo slabs are a piece of nature and should be impregnated to repel dirt and moisture. Like all products made of natural materials, this floor covering is acid-sensitive and must not be treated with sharp or acidic cleaners. Accidents with acidic drinks or food, such as a tilted glass of red wine, must also be quickly removed from the tiles.


Laying terrazzo slabs

For the laying of terrazzo slabs, a time expenditure of approx. one hour per square metre must be taken into account. The slabs are laid in the buttering-floating process in the middle bed with VIA adhesive with a minimum joint width. We recommend the traditional mixture of trass cement and quartz sand (0.1 to 0.3 mm grain size) as the joint sealant. After grouting, the terrazzo slabs should be protected with VIA tile oil or VIA mineral impregnation to preserve the beauty of the slabs.


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