Terrazzo ROUGH


Terrazzo ROUGH by VIA

Classic and modern building with terrazzo ROUGH tiles

Terrazzo floors, as seen in many historic buildings, still excite today. Whether as a in-situ terrazzo or terrazzo-tile-floor.

It is not only the beauty, but also the robustness and the versatility of the material that convinces.

The original colouring of the Cararra marble with natural inclusions and a bright, noble white tone make all the colours up to dark tones appear bright and warm due to the unique grain. VIA Terrazzo ROUGH lets spaces work.


VIA Terrazzo ROUGH tiles are suitable for very different uses, whether as kitchens, baths, living rooms or floor tiles in private homes, in boutiques, restaurants, department stores, sceneries or sacred buildings - the flooring makes every room unique.


Like all VIA tiles, the VIA Terrazzo tile ROUGH is a purely mineral-made cement-natural stone product: the Carrara marble split is added to the tile attachment, no plastic additives are processed, the tiles are pressed with high pressure.

Due to the coarse-grained marble coating and the partial manual production, a robust look is created. Inconsistencies or irregularities are part of this.


As then, the tiles are laid with very narrow joints. If desired, the tiles can be produced with other colours or shapes.

If a higher slip class is required or desired, the laid floor can be sanded with a coarser grain size. This creates a terrazzo surface that has already been appreciated in the Art Déco.