Is it better to oil cement tiles or impregnate?


Impregnating cement tiles

The right protection for your VIA tiles

After laying and grouting, the cement mosaic tiles must be impregnated or oiled.

It is important for the impregnation that the covering is dried out in order to achieve a good penetration depth of the impregnating agent. A moist cleaning beforehand, leads to the soil being saturated with cleaning water.


Tile oil and mineral impregnation

For impregnation, we offer tile oil and mineral impregnation.

Impregnation means that an agent penetrates into the capillary and prevents unwanted substances from penetrating.

The impregnation of the tiles is not different from natural stone or other open-pore materials.


Tile oil

The tile oil is characterized by the fact that it cures very strongly. It enters the capillary and closes it very effectively.

Since it contains very little solvent, increased craftsmanship is required. (See installation instructions)

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Oiling cement tiles

Mineral impregnation

The mineral impregnation has the advantage that it can be easily wiped with a floor wiper in the crosstalk. The main component of mineral impregnation is water glass. This leads to a softening of the surface.

The water glass forms crystals with the lime of the soil (crystallization).

The consistency of mineral impregnation is as thin as water. The impregnation thus sucks well into the surface.

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Other products

There are also a variety of other means. These have very good impregnating effects in some cases. For example, nano-based agents are used on kitchen worktops.

However, since there is uncertainty about the health effects, we do not offer these funds.

When working with acidic cleaners, the lime surface would have to be protected by a film-forming agent.

Here, the cement mosaic tile behaves like marble, travertine, terrazzo, etc.