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01. February 2018

VIA Trottoir tile in the format 20x20 cm

VIA expresses the exterior › read more

Trottoir tile ap16
27. December 2017

Terrazzo ROUGH and modern kitchen design

You could already find them in grandma's kitchen, terrazzo tiles, sometimes with or without ornament, with or without friezes. › read more

Terrazzo tiles in the kitchen
08. December 2017

Now also as terrazzo tile!

Die beliebte Platte mit dem Dreiecksmuster gibt es nun auch im Material Terrazzo. › read more

Different patterns
22. November 2017

VIA Newsletter November 2017 - Light and warmth

It is often the shortage of resources that shows us their value and importance. With the end of the year in sight, it is light and warmth in particular, in which we have to compensate for the lack, or even better, creatively deal with it. › read more

VIA Newsletter november 2017
10. November 2017

Terrazzo tiles ROUGH in new colours

Black, white, grey and red are the standard terrazzo colours. Until now. With the Terrazzo tiles ROUGH series, more colour has been added. › read more

VIA terrazzo colours
03. November 2017

VIA tiles at Cafe Landlust

A beautiful café on the holiday farm Hage at Dümmer See. › read more

Via tiles at cafe landlust
12. October 2017

A special atmosphere for the mall

Shopping malls of the 80s are not exactly known as wellness oases. How does an Italian combination of café, bar and bistro unfold magic at the shoppi Tivoli in Zurich-Spreitenbach? › read more

Cafe Bar Bistro View from the front right
22. September 2017

VIA Terrazzo tiles ROUGH in Kopenhagen

The young danish cuisine explores the VIA Terrazzo ROUGH tiles › read more

Terrazzo ROUGH at the restaurant
20. September 2017

Tilers at VIA in Bacharach

Tilers of the 1997 masters graduation celebrate their twentieth anniversary and visit VIA. › read more

Tilers in front of stairs
11. September 2017

Ornament & Farbe Book Release

From today on, our book "Ornament & Farbe: Die VIA Platte - Renaissance eines Bodenklassikers" is available everywhere in the book trade. › read more

Book Cover VIA Ornament und Farbe