20. March 2019

The lover project "Old Train Station Tapfheim"

The Café Bruno and the Failer jewellery factory have developed from the old railway station. And so a new centre for Tapfheim. The VIA riffled floor gives the café the appearance of having belonged there forever. › read more

Café Bruno
07. March 2019

VIA Projects in AD Magazine - Project N ° 8: Andreas Murkudi's Shop Number 81 in Berlin

ANDREAS MURKUDIS is not just a place, but an invitation in imaginative spaces, filled with beauty and inspiration - away from surfaces and attitudes. Architects: AAS Berlin › read more

VIA advertisement in AD magazine
06. March 2019

Picnic Augsburg - The finest picnic in town

The bright red lettering attracts. Inside, the VIA Gaudì panels connect the wooden floor to the counter. › read more

Gaudì tile on the floor and at the counter
05. March 2019

VIA projects in AD Magazine - Project No. 7: Bar Shuka in Frankfurt am Main

Bar Shuka Restaurant at 25hours Hotel The Trip in Frankfurt. › read more

Cement Tiles at Bar Shuka in Frankfurt am Main
25. February 2019

The "Best of Houzz" Award 2019 for VIA

VIA has received the "Best of Houzz" award for design on Houzz®, the premier home and home furnishing platform. The company was selected from more than 2.1 million active professionals in the furniture, design and architecture sectors by the over 40... › read more

Best of Houzz-Award
18. February 2019

VIA Project Nr 6: Terrazzo floor with rough split

The interior in rose is in nice contrast to the strictly patterned terrazzo floor. › read more

Gemoetrical terrazzo tile
06. February 2019

The Rialto restaurant in Wismar

Fantastic Italian kitchen - fantastic VIA Terrazzo floor. › read more

Terrazzo pattern with two edges
29. January 2019

The "Bar Brass" on Spreebord in Berlin

The new 1000 square meter Sculpture Center of the foundry Hermann Noack also houses the Bar Brass. The ribbed VIA floor contributes to the atmosphere of the purist construction. › read more

VIA tiles pattern number 41071
10. January 2019

New year - new patterns!

We would like to present you our new and historical patterns: Our terrazzo tiles have got new colours and shapes, the "Emil Carius tile" the corresponding edge and our 115 series beautiful colour variations. › read more

Neue Muster bei VIA
20. December 2018

VIA News in December

• Casual charm for top chefs.
• Cool, chic - coworking.
• Visual loss and recovery.

› read more

VIA News in December