09. December 2014

VIA wissensWert: Everything about cement mosaic tiles and mineral paints

Detailed information on all details of cement mosaic tiles and mineral paints / chalk color can be found in our brochure "VIA wissensWert" › read more

VIA wissensWert
10. November 2014

VIA tiles and furniture classics

Again and again, we discover that customers combine VIA tiles with stylish furniture classics: Designs from the Bauhaus, which are still manufactured today by THONET, for example the famous steel tube furniture, which were designed by Marcel Breuer... › read more

VIA tiles and furniture classics image 1
05. September 2014

At VIA - Open Monument Day 2014

VIA in Bacharach opens its doors on the occasion of the Day of the Open Monument on September 14th and welcomes you. › read more

Open monument day image 1
03. June 2014

VIA Newsletter 2/2014 - Everything is new in may

Fresh wind in our range of cement mosaic tiles.

With fresh color combinations and new colors come several new patterns as special editions.

A beautiful floral pattern is the plate N ° 51138 with the flower in a delicate tint as a central ornament....

› read more

Newsletter 2-2014 image 1
19. May 2014

Flowering times

Spring with its blossoming nature and fresh colors has inspired us to new tiles with beautiful floral motifs, which you can find in our special edition category. › read more

Flowering times image 1
24. April 2014

NEW: Our latest tile laying film

Our latest laying film and the new laying instructions are now available in our download area. The film demonstrates the laying of our tiles step by step. › read more

Laying film image 1
23. April 2014

VIA on Facebook

VIA news and trends on our new Facebook page. › read more

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15. April 2014

A dignified design

A frequently tabooed topic. › read more

A dignified design image 1
26. March 2014

An old pattern reissued

For us at VIA the discovery of old tile patterns is always a great pleasure. › read more

Old pattern reissued image 1
13. March 2014

VIA Newsletter 1/2014 - VIA on the road

A small culinary journey through Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

In Frankfurt you can discover many beautiful things and the city on the Main has much to offer in culinary terms. Come with us ...

Our small culinary trip starts in the Westhafen....

› read more

Newsletter 1-2014 image 1