01. February 2018

VIA Trottoir tile in the format 20x20 cm

VIA expresses the exterior

VIA transfers its philosophy of beautiful and high-quality floor design from the interior to the exterior, creating shapely and formative transitions.

The traditional trottoir tile returns to the sidewalks, passages and squares. The VIA exterior panels can be laid so tightly that a flat and highly aesthetic overall impression is created.

At high pressure, the concrete tiles are pressed so that they have a very high density and thus a high quality of the surface is achieved. The tiles are robust and extremely durable. When laying the tiles without joint, the surface seems like a unified whole.

The visual possibilities of the outdoor area tiles are extremely diverse. Floral motifs also allow individual patterns such as geometric embossing or graphic elements. The floor design in the outdoor area can be accentuated in this way according to the individual ideas, the motifs allow playful or straightforward patterns.

The format of the VIA tile with 20 x 20 centimeters is adapted to the model of the history. There are also hexagonal tiles, which allow particularly varied design options. A unique piece is the "Gaudi-tile", floral and maritime inspired, dating back to the famous Catalan architect Antoni Gaudì. VIA transmits the

"Gaudi tile" from the inside to the outside.

With the trottoir tiles VIA shapes the historical design and continues the form of the artful exterior architecture.

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