24. March 2016

VIA Terrazzo tile graces Sucré et Salé in Luxembourg

The Sucré et Salé in the new Ernst & Young head office in Luxembourg has now opened.

What makes a lively and fashionable plaza?

Yes, right: Exquisite hospitality

This is exactly what is found in the new glass-vaulted plaza between the two moving buildings designed by Sauerbruch and Hutton for Ernst & Young's Luxembourg headquarters. The elegance and lightness of the 30,000 square meter complex in the office block block structure, creating a piece of urban space on a street that has never been known before, is very impressive. The elegant Café Sucré & Salé, with its hospitable and generous atmosphere, will leave you with those impressions that make you want to return here; If you are not already dependent on the delicious Maccarons.

We would like to contribute to the sugar in the brioche and the salt in the soup of emerging urban culture with the appropriate material, in the form of our Terrazzo tile Nº 710760.

VIA Terrazzo tile graces Sucré et Salé