22. November 2017

VIA Newsletter November 2017 - Light and warmth

It is often the shortage of resources that shows us their value and importance. With the end of the year in sight, it is light and warmth in particular, in which we have to compensate for the lack, or even better, creatively deal with it.

The qualities of light and warmth are above all the qualities of their reflection, refraction and radiation.

VIA tiles and VIA colours are particularly keen to perform these tasks with special care, as they are true virtuosos in transforming light into splendor and colour.

In terms of warmth, the human well-being scale is comparatively small. But even here, the properties of VIA tiles are unmatched, as they provide building physics both in summer and in winter for balanced conditions. Although other stone materials can do that too, they can not do so with comparable aesthetic qualities that are able to radiate form, colour, warmth and liveliness almost charismatically.

You can discover and experience this in this newsletter.

For example in these projects

  • Restaurant NENI in the Old Port Authority in Hamburg
  • Café Brotzeit the Großbäckerei Görtz in Mannheim
  • Mensa of the Kunsthochschule Zürich in the so-called Toni Areal

Light and warmth are used directly in furnace construction and become a design tool. We show you two ambitious kiln construction companies who work with VIA tiles and thus realize very special projects.

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VIA Newsletter november 2017