03. June 2014

VIA Newsletter 2/2014 - Everything is new in may

Fresh wind in our range of cement mosaic tiles.

With fresh color combinations and new colors come several new patterns as special editions.

A beautiful floral pattern is the plate N ° 51138 with the flower in a delicate tint as a central ornament. A graceful edge frieze, the pattern optionally to a tile carpet.

Another pattern with stylized floral ornamentation is shown in N ° 51127. We also call the plate "Prilblumen" plate, as it reminds us of the iconic label from the 70s. Our new color jeans blue (N ° 44) is the pattern of the plate.

The pattern N ° 51137 is available in three color combinations. Whether elegant dark gray (N ° 51137-61), succulent gray-green (N ° 51137-53) or fresh green-blue (N ° 51137-50) as a model ground - all combinations have their charm.

The pattern N ° 51135 provides further color variations. The slightly playful and at the same time elegant cement mosaic tile forms a pattern of a stylized-floral central ornament with four identical panels. This is surrounded by small circles, which remind of cotton balls and give the pattern a cheerful lightness.

We produce the pattern once in our new colors altrosa and aubergine (N ° 51135-8281) and in the color combination light green and altrosa (N ° 51135-2181).

The cement mosaic plate N ° 51132 forms a complex geometric pattern to a kind of "whirlwind" loosened by small white circles (N ° 51132-5461 and N ° 51132-8182).

A similarly elaborate geometric pattern on a white background is formed by plate N ° 51133. The model of this pattern is e.g. In the Gaudí Museum in Barcelona.

New restaurant / deli at the Frankfurt airport

The Deli Bros. in Terminal 1 of the Frankfurt airport unites restaurant with delicatessen shop. The shop area was optically separated by a floor design with VIA plates from the restaurant. The two black-gray terrazzotiles N ° 711160 and N ° 710152 were combined as a pattern - a successful mixture as well as the mix shop and restaurant. Unitiles in gray and black frame the pattern as a border design. The elegant black and gray pattern of the floor makes a nice contrast to the warm wooden shelves and the industrial chic of the shop.

Chic in and out of Cologne

The Cologne-based fashion designer Marion Muck moved into new rooms with a studio and shop and designed floor and walls with VIA tiles and VIA color. The pattern N ° 12254 with its mosaic optics and its chestnut leaf motif welcomes the visitor and creates by color and motif a delightful connection of the exterior and interior.

Inside, inter alia, The shades N ° 308 Blue Salon, N ° 705 Puderrosa and N ° 311 Alpenblue a great background for the beautiful clothes and accessories.

VIA laying film and laying instructions

Our new laying film and the new laying instructions show in a clear and detailed manner the proper laying of VIA terrazzo and cement mosaic tiles. How do I plan, what do I need to consider, what do I need, what are the possibilities for impregnation?

The two guides serve as a good guide for the professional as well as for the customer.

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