13. March 2014

VIA Newsletter 1/2014 - VIA on the road

A small culinary journey through Frankfurt and the surrounding area.

In Frankfurt you can discover many beautiful things and the city on the Main has much to offer in culinary terms. Come with us ...

Our small culinary trip starts in the Westhafen. In the former pressure waterworks of Frankfurt's security and trading harbor, the restaurant of the same name has been located since 2009. In an impressive atmosphere you can enjoy wonderfully. The preservation of the authenticity of the historical building has been a major focus of the restoration work - also in floor design. For the historical ground, VIA manufactured the corrugated octagonal cement mosaic tile N ° 51041 with inserts according to the originals obtained.

The Ojo de Aqua in Frankfurt's inner city is our next stop. In the restaurant of Dieter Meier, known as the singer of the Yello Group, organic certified wines and Argentinian beef are served from the farm. A very nice "basis" for the Argentine ambience of the Wine & Beef Kontors is the small ribbed cement mosaic tile N ° 51009 from VIA with its beautiful vine leaf edge.

A little detour from our route takes us to Stephanstraße, or more precisely, to the converted diamond exchange: there we enter the Concept Store The Listener. Several samples of VIA (N ° 12572, N ° 54, N ° 10943, N ° 10843) were used in combination with wood for flooring. The patterns form islands, which emphasize individual areas very nicely and create the wonderful balancing act between the industrial section of the interiors and the glamor of the different collections.

We leave Frankfurt downtown again and drive to the Europagarten. There has recently opened the Laube Liebe Hoffnung, a charming restaurant "in the green". The open kitchen is the heart of the "Holzlaube", visually emphasized and clad with the VIA cement mosaic tile N ° 10700 and small floral elements.

For our last stop we leave Frankfurt behind us. Idstein im Taunus is home to Café Anna Blank. For the lovingly designed café, the owner chose the cement mosaic tile N ° 11860 as a floor. The pattern with the sophisticated Mäanderen edge fits perfectly to the Caféhaus style. A great choice - we think.

Fresh from the production: Our new tile colors

A total of seven shades bring fresh air into our tile range. More delicate colors are the N ° 80 (altrosa light), N ° 81 (altrosa), the juicy N ° 23 (green yellow) and the N ° 40 (blue) come fresh. Somewhat rockier are the notes N ° 44 (jeans blue), N ° 82 (aubergine) and N ° 62 (steingrau).

All colors are available as special colors from 10 m2 in the tile sizes 10x10cm and 20x20cm as well as a base.

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