24. August 2017

VIA colours seminar - the first one

We are pleased about the great start of the VIA colours seminar!

The unique beauty of VIA chalk paint can be experienced by everyone. In principle you can enjoy it every day. Seminar participants receive many more background informations about our paint, application techniques, general colour themes and visualization.

As hoped, we were able to welcome participants from all target groups: planners / designers / creators, craftsmen / processors and builders / do-it-yourselfers. This creates a stimulating dynamic, which makes participants, lecturers and organizers go home enriched.

We are looking forward to the next seminar on 19 september 2017.

VIA colours seminar - working participantsParticipant processing colourDifferent VIA colours in glassesArranging colours in different shadesSeminar materials on a table