13. May 2016

The first VIA craft seminar

has given us a lot of fun and contributed knowledge expansion.

On Tuesday, 10 May 2016, we were able to welcome nine motivated craftsmen at 10 am. After a coffee and a short get-together, the history, the production and the technique of laying were shown and discussed in our blue salon. The guests were especially impressed by the presentation of the production of cement mosaic tiles and the amount of craftsmanship that is placed in each cardboard that comes to the construction site.

After the delicious lunch, prepared by Andreas Stüber from the Rheinhotel Bacharach, the head-hand coordination was put to the test.

Application technician Oliver Grimm described the details of all the steps necessary to properly lay, cement and impregnate cement mosaics and terrazzoplates. The polishing of the finished impregnated boards is an Aha experience. The shine and the color depth, which are literally a highlight.

The seminar ended at 5 pm after a final exchange of ideas and each participant received a sample plate and a participation certificate.

The first VIA craft seminar