11. January 2017

Terrazzotiles BOLD - a floorclassic from the Thirties

Already a hundred years ago a lot manufacturies produced tiles, that resembled in granularity and quality to classical terrazzo. As manufactured tile this made an easy application of ornaments to the terrazzo technique possible.

Finest carrara marble is just as in the famous Terrazzo Veneziano an ingredient of the surface. VIA Terrazzotiles BOLD do not contain artificial or other nonmineral substances. The tiles are produced like they where in former times.

Besides the four colours black, grey, white and red VIA offers a continous extending assortment of ornamental tiles also for Terrazzotiles BOLD.

The overwhelming designopportunities, that come along with this new material, can be experienced in our online layingtool.

As a matter of course spontaneous webshopping would be also an option.

Terrazzotiles BOLD image 1Terrazzotiles BOLD image 2Terrazzotiles BOLD image 3Terrazzotiles BOLD image 4