11. September 2016

Open monument day

We are pleased to present you the historic building with our exhibition of cement mosaic and terrazzo floors and our color workshop.

The VIA building, which was built from 1921 with a castle-like façade with pavilions and central risers according to the plans of the architect Gottlieb Bernhard from Sankt Goar, embodies the building philosophy of VIA.

The combination of tradition and innovation, the love of history and the look forward form the heart of VIA.

We look into the past and the traditional heritage of the cement mosaic panels with the fascinating patterns and carry them into the present in new colors and modern contexts.

The special appearance of the mineral, which characterizes both the plates as well as the chalk color let

Floors, walls and ceiling become rooms that are worthy of a monument.

You can expect:

• hourly guided tours of the building and exhibition

• Experience color in our workshop

• In addition to small snacks, we also offer coffee with plum cake in our workshop

Be welcome from 10 am - 6 pm!

VIA building