08. December 2017

Now also as terrazzo tile!

Die beliebte Platte mit dem Dreiecksmuster gibt es nun auch im Material Terrazzo.

The popular tile with the triangular pattern is now also available in the material Terrazzo.

This ornament is certainly more than 100 years old; maybe even older. But it always seems as if an avant-garde designer had just come up with it.

The triangular tile is appreciated by many builders and architects and looks good both in the old building and in the current architecture. Certainly, this also contributes to the fact that when laying with a narrow joint, the joint grid disappears almost completely.

We now also offer the tile as terrazzo tile in 3 colours:

red-white No711432
grey-white No711452
black-white No711460

Different patternsVIA terrazzo tile patternVIA terrazzo patternTerrazzo patternTerrazzo tile pattern VIA