19. May 2014

Flowering times

Spring with its blossoming nature and fresh colors has inspired us to new tiles with beautiful floral motifs, which you can find in our special edition category.

The pattern N ° 51138 forms a charming flower motif from four equal plates. The white blossom, which is executed in soft tones, lies on a green-blue background. The edge frieze creates a graceful tile carpet.

An enchanting frieze of water lilies, N ° 55033-54 / N ° 56033-54 / N ° 57033-54, now supplements our model N ° 51033-54. The border motif is formed by two plates and a corner plate.

Flowering times image 1Flowering times image 2Flowering times image 3Flowering times image 4Flowering times image 5Flowering times image 6Flowering times image 7Flowering times image 8Flowering times image 9