16. December 2016

Delicious, inspired and authentic.

It is not surprising that VIA tiles are often in the vicinity of these three adjectives.

The bakery, which the organic bakery Kaiser offers in its new branch in Dotzheimer Straße 9 in Wiesbaden, is particularly delicious.

The architect Tanja Maul designed a great shop. In fact, the combination of our pattern Nº 11953 with the warm wood tones of the furniture and the counter is the result of their expert inspiration.

In times of "best quality" from discount baking machines, one does not have to decide whether one should look more about the products of genuine bakery craftsmanship or the extraordinary but nevertheless authentic design of the shop.

You can easily enjoy both.

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Delicious, inspired and authentic image 1Delicious, inspired and authentic image 2Delicious, inspired and authentic image 3Delicious, inspired and authentic image 4Delicious, inspired and authentic image 5