18. February 2015

Colors of VIA - unlimited possibilities

With the VIA plates and VIA colors, the possibilities of individual room and wall design are almost unlimited.

Whether you are looking for ideas for kitchen, bathroom, entrance area, living room or bedroom, with VIA you can fill any space with life and atmosphere. Create places of conviviality and exchange, relaxation and peace in your home, inviting and comfortable.

The design of your living space is an expression of your personal sense of life and style. VIA offers you the right color.

Colors give a special atmosphere to rooms and affect our body and soul. Colors touch something inside of us. They create a unique living and lifestyle feeling.

With colors you can create certain moods and give a completely new look. Have courage to color. Use the effect of the colors and design your rooms according to your mood.

Every room of a flat / house has a certain function. Colors can support the function and use of rooms. The design possibilities are almost unlimited.

Colors are able to give the space its own character, its own face. Experience a completely new way of living and feeling with VIA colors. The wide selection of colors and color tones gives you endless possibilities for wall design.

For example, bright colors are light and friendly, give the impression of expanse and make every room appear larger. Darker shades tend to be more encompassing and can provide security and comfort. They reduce rooms visually.

Cool colors are soothing, relaxing and refreshing. They are ideal for relaxing. Warm colors are stimulating and activating. They create proximity and a cozy and homey atmosphere.

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