05. September 2014

At VIA - Open Monument Day 2014

VIA in Bacharach opens its doors on the occasion of the Day of the Open Monument on September 14th and welcomes you.

This year's slogan COLOR could not be chosen better, and VIA devotes itself with great joy to this topic in a varied supporting program.

In our heritage-protected building, you can go on a journey of discovery and exploration: old cement mosaic tiles and their replicas, our color workshop and our color scheme make white walls look "old" and would like to encourage more courage in color design. The visitor gets an insight into the history of the VIA building, which was built as a champagne cellar from 1911-13. The prudent conversion measures to the present state are clearly documented.

Throughout the day, lectures and questionnaires are held around the subject of color. Both technical and design aspects of experts are covered. Questions on the practical application of the VIA color products, cement mosaic and terrazzo tiles will be answered and the basic principles of color and spatial design are conveyed in our exhibition rooms. In her lecture on "the power of color", the Düsseldorf-based color artist Nathalie Pagels (Pagel's color concepts) will bring us closer to the psychological and physical effect as well as the symbolic and functional character of color. Because, according to the color expert, "colors have the magic to embellish our lives and increase our quality of life" - we can agree with all our heart.

The building of VIA can be visited during the whole day from 10 am to 5 pm, and our experts are open to questions and are looking forward to your interest. The winery Bastian from Bacharach takes the catering with small delicacies.

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