12. October 2017

A special atmosphere for the mall

Shopping malls of the 80s are not exactly known as wellness oases. How does an Italian combination of café, bar and bistro unfold magic at the shoppi Tivoli in Zurich-Spreitenbach?


With VIA tiles!

The flower meadow with its cheerful dahlia blossom forms and the Cuban verandah tile are real beauties. As you can see, they prevail themselves in dignity in the aesthetic challenge to the iconography of a mall.

Temperaments of the South.

The black and white pattern from Upper Austria around the counter area fits well into the strikingly imaginative and fine design with natural surfaces and black and white graphic elements.

So, next time you are at the shoppi Tivoli in Spreitenbach, do not miss the Spiga - Bar e Caffè!

Cafe Bar Bistro View from the front rightCafe Bar Bistro Right side viewView of menu and dining areaFloor VIA tiles with floral elementsVIA tiles and bistro seatingView of VIA cement tiles and mall ambienceBistro furniture on floral VIA cement tiles