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22. January 2020

VIA Terrazzo seamless. At the furniture fair in Cologne.

The presentation of our seamless terrazzo was a complete success. On 24 sample areas you could discover the terrazzo floors. › read more

Terrazzo seamless by VIA GmbH
03. December 2019

VIA customer project

A beautifully renovated hallway with new slabs. Here the customers came to Bacharach with old sample boards and discussed the method of laying with us. VIA made templates according to the old templates and mixed the colours. According to the... › read more

VIA cement tiles in an entry
25. November 2019

The matching VIA floor to the green staircase

You will be received in this beautiful villa with the VIA pattern N° 10700. This small pattern plate (14.1 x 14.1 cm) originally comes from Burgundy. The diagonal pattern is also suitable for small and winding rooms. The plate is based on a balanced... › read more

House entrance with VIA tiles
18. November 2019

Harvey's in Frankfurt am Main

A Frankfurt institution - redesigned with VIA panels on walls and floor. › read more

Cement tiles from VIA in Harvey's
05. November 2019

MONZA CAFFÈ & BAR in Frankfurt/Main

An espresso bar - just like the Italian model. The small, fine café bar matches with the small, classic VIA pattern N° 11860 with a meandering edge that illuminates you from the outside. The pattern runs directly against the mirror, doubling the... › read more

VIA Cement tiles in Monza Caffè
19. September 2019

Terrazzo becomes colourful at VIA

Discovered in an Italian villa from the 1930s. This pattern can also be found in the old Spanish catalogues. › read more

VIA Terrazzo tile number 712052 in the entry
12. September 2019

VIA tiles in the breakfast room. Opera Hotel, Zurich

A jewel is the breakfast room of the Hotel Opera thanks to two different pattern plates on the wall and floor. On the wall is the classic kitchen chessboard, on the floor a mixture of floral and graphic. Two patterns - one materiality. › read more

VIA Cement tiles in the Hotel Opera
05. September 2019

Open memorial day

We are pleased to present you the historical building with our exhibition of cement mosaic, terrazzo and sidewalk tiles, as well as our chalk paint. › read more

Open memorial day - VIA
26. August 2019

"Exemplary building"

The VIA building was awarded the title "Exemplary Building" by the Initiative Baukultur - we are very pleased about this award! › read more

VIA GmbH Exemplary building
20. August 2019

VIA cement tiles for the bistro "Wilma Wunder" in Dresden

In combination with the plush armchairs, the café-house atmosphere is underlined. › read more

VIA cement mosaic tiles in the Wilma Wunder in Dresden