Mineral Paint

Mineral paint by VIA


VIA Mineral Paint

Our VIA Mineral Paint appeals due to its matt finish and porosity, which ensure a good room climate.



Silicate-based VIA Mineral Paint is a breathable paint for interior walls and ceilings. The paint is easy to apply and provides very good coverage. It is environmentally friendly and abrasion-resistant.

Due to their alkalinity, VIA Mineral Paints can only be tinted with special pigments. This means that we cannot offer Mineral Paint for all our colours.


What surfaces are suitable?

VIA Mineral Paint is suitable for all stable surfaces, whether they are old or new, such as limestone, lime-cement, cement plaster, clay plaster, concrete, fibrous cement, bricks, and clinker bricks; it also lends itself to covering old intact silicate and mineral paint coats. VIA Mineral Paint should not be painted over emulsion paint or applied to wallpaper or gypsum plaster.


Where should VIA Mineral Paint be used?

Just like our Chalk Paint, our VIA Mineral Paint is suitable for all living areas. In kitchens and bathrooms, care must be taken not to use VIA Chalk Paint in areas that are directly/permanently exposed to  water or steam (showers, wash basins etc.). Due to its high natural ph value (approx. 10.0), VIA Mineral Paint provides natural protection against mould when exposed to humid conditions.



The paint is easy to process. For the base coat, Mineral Paint is diluted by up to 50% with VIA Mineral Primer. Subsequent coats can then be applied neat or diluted by up to 50% at most. Paint tins can be added to the household waste when dry.

Coverage: 2500 ml VIA Mineral Paint is sufficient to apply one single coat to an area of 15m2.


Further information about our mineral colours can be found in the download area for VIA colours.

You can discover selected VIA mineral colours directly in our online shop in the category chalk colours!

Do you have any questions about our mineral paints or need help with the selection? Use our service and contact us.