Terrazzo jointless


Terrazzo jointless

Terrazzo jointless - A historic floor is revived

VIA expands its product range and continues to write the history of beautiful building and living. A new product is added to the range of floor tiles and colours: the VIA Terrazzo jointless.

"Our portfolio is being expanded in a classic way," VIA founders Norbert Kummermehr and Almut Lager say.


Cast terrazzo in history

Once again, it is a way back into history: the terrazzo from Bacharach is reminiscent of a traditional floor design from the 19th century: the jointless Ortterrazzo. Throughout history, the profession of terrazzo making was once an established craft, but it disappeared.


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In particular, public buildings, including numerous school buildings, were designed from the middle of the 19th century onwards with cast terrazzo, a terrazzo cast on site. At that time the terrazzo was applied as a floor covering in liquid form and rolled out under high pressure before it hardened. VIA has optimised this process for the production of terrazzo floors and adapted it to the demands of modern construction and renovation projects. The result is a traditional, jointless and natural floor covering made of sand, lime and rock. The VIA terrazzo jointless is flexible in use, free of harmful substances and attractively priced.


Terrazzo jointless - versatile and quickly ready for use

The idea of the VIA terrazzo jointless is an easy as possible handling in its processing and the realizable jointless processing even for ambitious do-it-yourselfers. This maxim already starts with a package size that is easy to handle: VIA has decided to launch the terrazzo jointless products in reusable, practical 25 kilogram buckets. The quantity of a single pack is designed for an area of about 1 square meter with a layer thickness of 1 cm (6-8 gravel). 

VIA Terrazzo jointless is applied to existing dimensionally stable surfaces and does not require long drying times. The VIA Terrazzo jointless thus allows for a processing that can be easily integrated into tight construction plans and also offers visual design variations that other floors and floor coverings do not allow due to fixed construction heights. A unique floor can be embossed using both individual grain sizes and a wide range of colours. The quality of the surface can be determined by the degree of sanding. In addition, floor design with the VIA Terrazzo is possible without joints at an attractive price.


VIA's new terrazzo floor is individual and yet versatile. It is suitable for private buildings such as apartments and houses, for kitchens, corridors, living rooms, dining rooms, stairs, smaller and larger rooms. Thanks to its high slip resistance, load-bearing capacity and high standard of hygiene, the floor can be used in doctors' surgeries, offices, schools, restaurants and bars or even in shop fitting. In addition, surfaces with jointless terrazzo are a stylish alternative to installing standard tiles or coverings in the bathroom.


"The product is ideally suited for quick installation," says Oliver Grimm, head of application technology at VIA, "it is easy to work with and is highly durable. This applies not only to new buildings, but especially to renovations. "The terrazzo is also ideally suited for renovations," says Grimm, "the only requirement here is a vibration-free, solid base. Here, for example, a classic foundation of concrete and screed is suitable, on which the jointless terrazzo can be used without any problems.

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Easy-care and durable terrazzo floors

"It's a classic subfloor", VIA founders Almut Lager and Norbert Kummermehr say, "and just like our cement mosaic tiles, the VIA Terrazzo can be seamlessly customised to create the optical structure of the floor". Depending on which architectural accent is to be set with the floor, the grain size of the terrazzo can be chosen differently and the colour scheme can also be varied. "Our aim is to establish a durable and high-quality product on a natural basis, just as we do with our cement mosaic and terrazzo floor tiles," says Almut Lager. The VIA Terrazzo jointless is durable and easy to maintain, and the jointless floor surfaces can also be cleaned effectively.