How VIA Terrazzo jointless works

Terrazzo laid without joints

The VIA Terrazzo, available in a practical bucket, is jointlessly bonded with a small amount of water and processed into a smoothing compound. This compound contains sand, lime and rock particles, whose grain size determines the height of the subsequent floor when the filler is applied. By using different grain sizes, the construction height of the floor can be designed according to individual requirements. A coarser grain size of 6 to 8 millimetres is reminiscent of the historical "Ortterrazzo" from the 19th century, while a grain size of around 3 millimetres allows a finer drawing of the floor to be achieved.


Terrazzo jointless bucket Mixing Terrazzo jointless 

The pack size is 25 kilograms and allows for work with little physical strain. The quantity of a single pack is designed for an area of approximately 1 square meter.


Prepared Terrazzo mixture


The ready-mixed levelling compound is applied to the existing, clean substrate and can be sanded after the drying time of one day. This rapid setting of the material enables the flooring to be incorporated into closely timed construction plans.


 Pour terrazzo mixture Spread Terrazzo


After the first grinding of the floor, a visual inspection of the flooring is carried out. A subsequent fine levelling process of individual areas can close gaps in the flooring before there is nothing more to prevent the final fine sanding of the floor. "The construction height of the floor can also be individually adjusted by this grinding process," says Oliver Grimm, head of application technology at VIA. 


Sanding Terrazzo

The quantity offered per individual package is processed quickly, the recommended processing time for an area of 1 square metre is around one hour. In order to work efficiently, VIA recommends that the terrazzo be applied seamlessly by two people. "An essential prerequisite is that the substrate is stable and vibration-free," says Oliver Grimm. A classic cement screed, for example, which is standard in new buildings, comes into question here. This can also incorporate underfloor heating, the heat of which is transferred by the new VIA terrazzo floor. 


VIA offers a choice of colour designs, which is achieved by colouring the binder used. Terrazzo designs in yellow or traditional black can be chosen as well as green or grey tones. Different types of stone also allow different design possibilities for the flooring. The mineral impregnation of VIA gives the floor an elegant finish and a noble gloss.