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Chalk paint by VIA

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VIA Chalk Paint

From the Champagne region in France to the Island of Rügen in the Baltic Sea, a wide ribbon of chalk winds its way across Europe. These sediments containing the shell residues of marine creatures have long been known to and used by artists. Chalk has been used as paint for several centuries. On the German island of Rügen, the mining of chalk started at the beginning of the 19th  century. In the former GDR, chalk was the most popular and best known painting material.

Today chalk, after being elutriated and dried, is used as a filler and dye, as healing earth and school chalk but also as effective paint for walls or furniture.

The main components of VIA mosaic tiles and terrazzo tiles are marble dust and pigments. Due to these two elements, the floors and walls merge into one unique and harmonious unit: Because pigments and marble dust are also the two essential and traditional ingredients of the VIA paints.


Chalk colour in the living area

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Inspired by the unique patterns and colour shades of the cement mosaic and terrazzo tiles, the VIA Chalk Paints lend rooms an individual and incomparable ambiance and ensure that floors and walls merge into one harmonious unit.


Chalk paint donkey brown

Chalk paint in the orangery.
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Our VIA Chalk Paint has a high chalk and pigment content. The resulting velvety, powdery matt finish and intensive colour depth create a warm atmosphere and lend rooms a stylish look. This paint has been specially created for interiors and allows the user to realise his individual ideas when it comes to effective and stylish wall designs.


Purple grey

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The dispersion-based VIA Chalk Paint is a breathable paint for interior walls and ceilings. The paint is easy to apply and gives very good coverage. It is low-odour, dries quickly and is washable.

What surfaces are suitable?

VIA Chalk Paint can be used on interior plaster (including clay plaster), gypsum, paper-faced wallpaper and old coats of matt dispersion-based paint.


Chalk paint nile green

A new coat of paint for your wooden furniture.
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Where should VIA Chalk Paint be used?

VIA Chalk Paint is suitable for all living areas. In kitchens and bathrooms, care must be taken not to use VIA Chalk Paint in areas that are directly or permanently exposed to water or steam (showers, wash basins etc.).


The paint is easy to apply with a roller or paintbrush, and can be diluted with water if desired. Any tools used can easily be cleaned with water. VIA Chalk Paint gives very good coverage; one coat tends to be sufficient. Dark and intensive colour shades (e.g. from our Highlight Palette) need two coats. Paint tins can be added to the domestic waste when dry.

Coverage: 2500 ml VIA Chalk Paint is sufficient to apply one single coat to an area of approx. 15-20m2. 

Painting Furniture

With chalk paint you can add a special touch to old furniture. A trendy exterior can be decorated to the old-fashioned wood with the VIA chalk paint, e.g. In shabby chic or in a vintage look. Especially with early 20th century furniture, the modern Shabby Chic style of furniture is particularly impressive and the VIA chalk paint is ideal for such a project. Originally founded in England in the 1980s, the Shabby chic style now stands for more than just "artificially" aged furniture. It is as modern as classical and also remarkably sustainable. With its natural colors, the VIA chalk paint gives the furniture a beautiful look.