Cement tiles in wet areas


Cement tiles in wet areas

VIA tiles in the bathroom, WC and kitchen

VIA tiles are suitable for wet cells. Floor coverings in showers must meet at least anti-slip classes R10 and B. VIA tiles meet slip safety class R9 and B. In order to meet the legal requirements, additional measures must be taken. There are various systems on the market with which the slip safety can be increased.

  • Particularly in wet areas, high demands are placed on the protection of cement mosaic tiles.
  • Aggressive acid detergents can attack deficient cement tiles.
  • Care products such as hairspray, shampoo and shower gel often have a PH value which is pleasant for human skin but can become a problem for cement tiles.
  • The frequent change of moisture and drying is a stress.

When using in bathrooms and WCs, please ensure that the boards are impregnated with a particularly thorough impregnation and do not only impregnate floors, but also wall areas that are tiled with cement tiles.

Renew the impregnation from time to time so that the protection of the panels is permanently ensured.