Care and Cleaning of cement tiles


Care and cleaning of cement tiles

How to clean, polish and refreshen up cement tiles

After the laying and impregnation of the tiles or the treatment with VIA tile oil a regular care and cleaning of the plates is recommended.


VIA lubricant soap

The VIA lubrication soap gives your floor the daily care it needs.

Traditionally, terrazzo floors have been cleaned with a re-greasing lubricating soap - lubricating soap contributes to the maintenance of the floor by a natural re-greasing.

Each cleaning process consists of cleaning and care. Similar to other calcareous deposits, rough acids are the surface. It is therefore important to ensure that the cleaning effect is not achieved by acid detergents, but by alkaline, slightly refatting agents.

In order to eliminate coarse contamination, abrasive powders can also be used.

The VIA lubrication soap is available in the VIA Online Shop.


Polishing Pads

Any protection or impregnation is limited. Eliminate soiling immediately. Indeed, by prolonged exposure to e.g. Lemon juice, red wine, tomatoes, o.a. A spot may have arisen, the polishing with a diamond pad may help to lather the stain.

With diamond polishing pads, the surface can be polished to give the desired degree of gloss. Even soils, which have already a century behind them, can be worked up with. Diamond polishing pads are floor cleaning discs which are equipped with countless microscopic small diamonds and mechanically clean and polish the floor - exclusively with water.

For the polishing of even older floors, you will find exactly matched sets of polishing pads in the VIA online shop, which are provided with different grain sizes:


Method for polishing

The moistened area is processed with all three pads one after the other. The pads are marked with different colors and have three different grits.


Step 1: White pad (coarsest grain)

Moisten the surface. The white pad removes minor scratches and leaves a silky, clean surface

Step 2: Yellow Pad (Medium Grain)

Moisten the surface. The surface is compacted and forms the basis for subsequent polishing.

Step 3: Green pad (finest grain)


The moist soil is reworked several times until it is dry. A closed and glossy surface is formed. This pad is also suitable for daily floor care.


Important: Please pay attention to the correct assembly of the pads on the machine! The marked side must point upwards.

The surface must be moistened; When applied dry, the pads have no polishing effect.

VIA polishing pads can be found in the tile accessories in the online shop.


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