Mistakes during the laying of tiles


Mistakes during the laying of tiles

Avoid problems when laying VIA tiles

When laying VIA cement tiles, some things have to be considered. In any case, please refer the tradesmen to our documents on the subject and the information film for the laying of cement tiles.

Failure to properly install the cement tiles may result in unsightly optical and functional defects that VIA can not be held responsible for.


Some installation errors at a glance, which lead to problems


  • The tiler fails to apply the buttering-floating method.
  • The correct tile adhesive is not used. This can lead to cracks and cracks in the boards, because the glue and the panels change differently in the drying process. For the laying of VIA-tiles only the VIA-tileglue has to be used.
  • The tiles are inaccurately misplaced .. a common mistake when it should go particularly fast ..
  • The tiles are not thoroughly cleaned before the impregnation or oiling, so the pollution is "perpetuated"
  • Too much applied oil is not polished, resulting in stains
  • The tiles are not sufficiently impregnated or oiled and remain susceptible to any kind of contamination
  • Foreign materials are used, of course of good will, but sometimes with unsightly consequences